izmir 1973

I am hunting for old, dusty super8 film reels of amateur travelers.
Here is one dated 1973, a Belgian family (I suppose) travelled to Turkey, they arrive to Izmir airport and then make visits to Ephesus and the surrounding region. They return to Izmir and head towards the UK.
Sometime ago I sent this reel for a telecine service via for-ever.be.
And today I have played with iMovie to minimalisticly montage and inserted a funky soundtrack.
I would like say:

long live super8
long live izmir

tunes by Grup Ses Beats soundcloud.com/grupsesbeats/


Dreaming, missing and writing about both of you.

I wanted to do a short movie about my father and mother.
Thought about it one weekend
Planned and storyboarded one evening.
Shot on my work table the next evening.

Graf von Faber-Castell (classic)
J. herbin (lie de thé)

Tunes: little streams make big rivers by Esmerine
They are a great minimalist post-rock band from Canada
I have seen them live once, I will see them live again
Check and support them here ==> esmerine.com
No editing, just titles by final cut pro

lazy sunday breakfast

for my father…

13 march 2011, your 61st birthday morning before our party.
how could i know this was our last breakfast together?
well not exactly in my sleep you will always prepare my lazy sunday breakfasts.

tunes by: in my sleep by austin hartley-leonard and kendall jane meade

but time has been unkind
and kept me far from you.
but I know you will be
holding me
in my sleep