photo projection

Here is my photo projection at Recyclart Portfolio Turquie. Two super8 footages and a selection of street photography were projected. Super8 footages are from my flea market hunts. Both are dated from early 70s and were shot by tourists that visit Turkey. I have digitalised the super8 reels and edited them. For the first one I used a soundtrack from Orkestra Keyif that is found on Free Music Archive. For the latter Grup Ses Beats had a funky mix. During the projection  Guillaume Le Boisselier & Margarida Guia have performed a soundscape. 150 people were present to see the projection. The photography is from analogue cameras only with using expired film as the medium. Most of them are shot by Lubitel 166U. Films are developed and scanned in a pro lab (Limelight) in Brussels. Photos are taken between 2008-2011 in Istanbul and Izmir.

turquie 1971

I am hunting for old, dusty super8 film reels of amateur travelers.

Here is one dated 1971, a Belgian family (I suppose) travelled to Turkey between 1-5 April 1971. They start their trip in Ankara in Ataturk boulevard. They stay at Grand Ankara Hotel. Then they travel by car to the Anatolia and visit Cappodocia. Their next step is Istanbul, where they make sightseeings including a Bosphorus tour, Galata tower and old peninsula. They stay at the Hilton Hotel. The family eventually travels to Jerusalem from Istanbul.
The super8 film was telecined by Studio Bidav in Istanbul. Yes, I know the quality is not that good.
I have performed the montage in iMovie.

Once again, I would like say:
long live super8
long live Turkey
tunes by Orchestra Keyif

izmir 1973

I am hunting for old, dusty super8 film reels of amateur travelers.
Here is one dated 1973, a Belgian family (I suppose) travelled to Turkey, they arrive to Izmir airport and then make visits to Ephesus and the surrounding region. They return to Izmir and head towards the UK.
Sometime ago I sent this reel for a telecine service via
And today I have played with iMovie to minimalisticly montage and inserted a funky soundtrack.
I would like say:

long live super8
long live izmir

tunes by Grup Ses Beats

super8 films

Post man made a nice treat this week. I received back my super8 films which were processed and telecined at Dwayne’s Photo.  During lazy summer nights I can do a little bit movie editing and here are the results. I can take you back to winter with the snow in Brussels, summer with my fathers’ daily gardening adventures and finally to the Aegean coast.