a decision support framework for intermodal transport policy

A final dissemination from the DSSITP project is with a new journal publication.



In recent years intermodal transport has received an increased attention due to problems of road congestion, environmental concerns and traffic safety. A growing recognition of the external effects of transport urges to go towards more sustainable transport modes. As a consequence, research and policy interest in intermodal freight transportation problems is growing.


In this paper the strengths of Operations Research (OR) modelling techniques applicable to decisions related to intermodal transport are used to develop a particular framework that is able to assess the performance of current and potential policy measures which affects the intermodal transport industry. The assessment framework includes three core models necessary to evaluate all relevant transport modes and aggregation levels.


In the last section of the paper, the assessment framework is applied to a case study related to the location of a new intermodal barge terminal for which the optimal location is searched, the market area is analysed and the impact on the performance of the network is discussed.

Keywords  Intermodal transport – Decision support system – Terminal location – Inland navigation

You may access the full-text version of the paper here.