The 2-years project TRALOTRA – TRAining tools in LOgistics and TRAnsport – was set up in order to increase the awareness of the benefits intermodal transport can have to business and to the society as whole. The system advantages of intermodal transport are far from fully exploited. There is much room for intensifying intermodal businesses by intelligent rearrangement of logistics solutions and by efficiency improvements .


Despite this business potential and all the political efforts of promoting intermodality, there is only little training to support the development of intermodal transport in the curricula programmed on the educational institutes from which professionals in logistics are recruited. This creates and sustains a bias in the understanding of intermodal transport, both from demand (manufacturers, SMEs) and supply side (transport and logistics operators).

Intermodal transport is the key to the successful development of a feasible, sustainable transportation system. The project thus aims at defining and implementing online training courses made up of different modules. Particular attention will be paid to the in-depth study of the most important “best cases” in a European ambit.

The final goal of TRALOTRA project is to create training curricula for a wide range of training target groups (post-diploma students, junior managers, personnel of public authorities) available by means of an e-platform, available to the public on the web.

We have been involved with developing the training curricula and disseminating them through a workshop in Brussels.

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