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One of my new year resolutions was to process my own film. I done it. This was an expired B/W Orwopan 100 film that I have shot in December before Christmas with my Carena SRH1000. The film slept for a while. In November last year I got a special bag to use as a dark room to roll films to the processing tank. In January I have obtained the chemicals. So I was ready to go. And finally last weekend I give it a shot!


Results are almost terrible but ok, this is the first trial. Here I should indicate what I have used to process the B/W film.


  • Ilford ID 11 as the developer
  • Amaloco s10 as the stop bath
  • And finally Ilford rapid fixer

I am using JOBO 1520 universal tank and a very good quality (American brand) dark room bag. I have to add that I…

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