short sea shipping 2012

International Research Conference on Short Sea Shipping

2 – 3 April 2012, Lisbon, Portugal

“Five continents – different perspectives – one objective: to move cargo by sea”

Cargo Edições Lda is pleased to announce that it will organise and host the International Research Conference on Short Sea Shipping in Lisbon, Portugal. The Conference will take place between the 2nd and the 3th of April 2012. This is a unique chance for the Country and for the international shipping community to come together and discuss the never ending short sea shipping market and short sea shipping related issues. This international forum provides the opportunity to discuss the present issues, recent trends, technological, operational and legislative developments and the challenges to be faced by short sea shipping in the future.

This discussion builds upon the body of knowledge and research carried out so far and presented in the regional meetings, at encouraging ongoing international information exchange, at strengthening the regional network, at building knowledge upon difference of opinion and experience, and fostering exchange of expertise and learning through active participation of community representatives, academia, governments, private research agencies and national research centres. In addition, it is fostered by the world economic activity and deep-sea trades activity.
On behalf of Cargo Edições Lda, I am honoured to invite the International Research Community, the Industry, International Organizations and Governments to participate in this international Conference by submitting a conceptual, empirical or theoretical research paper in the topics provided below, which broadly cover the shipping, ports and logistics industries. Participants will have the opportunity to discover a city full of historical monuments that remind us of the strength and entrepreneurship of the earlier navigators who slowly went on discovering new lands and people that gave origin to new countries, and which are part of today’s international community.

Cargo Edições Lda looks forward to seeing you in Lisbon.

Welcome to the World of Shipping.
Welcome to the International Research Conference on Short Sea Shipping.

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