the thinker


Last Wednesday during lunch time I have recognized a familiar photo of the modern statue residing in the campus of VUB. The photo was printed on a flyer about the debate that was organized by the Student Council. They have decided to use my photo for the promotion of this important debate about the future of our university. So far so good but no one asked my permission about the usage of this photo. I share part of my photography in Flickr with certain licensing rights. Apparently they have taken it from there. When I communicate this matter to the Student Council, the VP Communication quickly replied to me and apologized for this matter. They have already placed a credits section to their blog.

Today I see even bigger posters of the debate on the walls and it is a nice feeling to see my photography!

By the way I did not have to do a big CSI-magic to recognize my photo. Although I have shot it by my Leica Minilux it was scanned unprofessionaly at the office thus there were characteristics marks.

the thinker @ the vub campus

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