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FP7 Funded project.
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I am currently busy with establishing a consortium to prepare a project proposal for the following FP7 call:

TPT.2011.2-3. Modelling of co-modality quick-wins: Roadmap towards comodality

Content and scope

Current socio-economic trends and challenges in various fields (climate change, oil and energy, pollution and health, decongestion of transport, population ageing, etc.) call for accelerated uptake of technological advances in the transport industry. This relates to transports modes considered individually, but even more importantly, to technical achievements in the field of inter/co-modal integration, particularly between high capacity and usually long-distance modes (road, railways, air, waterborne) with local/urban modes.

In order to quickly unlock the value of technological advances, joint business drivers and synergies must be the force behind their adoption by all the stakeholders in the transport chains. The purpose of this activity is hence to analyse, identify and model, from economic, managerial, operational and technological viewpoints, specific opportunities for inter/co-modal transport, both for passengers and goods, that show evident unaddressed needs, value add opportunities, or new business models, based on R&D achievements as well as on the analysis of socio-economic trends.

The activity should identify the major thresholds for inter/co-modal transport and present
roadmaps to overcome these thresholds and that are endorsed by the different ETPs active in Transport. The roadmaps should point out and describe the required integration of R&D results and activities as well as policy options, so that the different stakeholders can materialize the identified quick-wins in concrete technology development and integration roadmaps and take the necessary actions to bring inter/co-modality further.

Expected impact

This research will contribute to new or improved services to customers (either passengers or SMEs and big enterprises) and to identify ways to improve transport efficiency, sustainability and costs.

Funding scheme: Collaborative Projects – small or medium-scale focused research projects; or Coordination and Support Actions aiming at supporting research activities

Note: Limits on the EU financial contribution apply. These are implemented strictly as formal eligibility criteria. You must refer to the call fiche for details of these limits

Open in call: FP7-TRANSPORT (TPT)-2011-RTD-1

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