intermodal yearbook 2010

We have just received the Intermodal Yearbook 2010 from the European Intermodal Association. It is in Atlas format and it includes strategies, statistics, terminals and players. It was also pleasant to see one of our maps for intermodal terminals inside.

You can check the brochure: Intermodal-Yearbook-2010_EIA.

2 thoughts on “intermodal yearbook 2010

  1. Hey to all! Good to learn you like our new publication… Bear in mind it is the first edition, space for more stats & graphs.. In fact, edition 2011 will probably include or refer to brand new (800) EU terminal data, relations in network etc.

    Recently I handed over a Yearbook to Professor Macharis. Indeed, we will present it at the Intermodal Event in A’Dam Dec 1.

    Ethem, again thanks for your map


    Peter W.

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